Beijing und Umgebung

Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas (seen here with Paul Greenbank left and Elsa Whitfield on the right) was a pleasure to listen to as he delivered a talk about his visits to Beijing

We heard about every day life in China while Chris took us on a journey around local markets, Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City and The Temple of Heaven as well as a short journey along the Great Wall of China.

Chris is making the effort to speak at least some of the language of every country he is visiting, so it came as no surprise to hear him speak every day exchanges in Mandarin!

What a treat to hear him speak and explain to us about the different ways to lower and raise the voice while saying a sentence or word in different ways, and completely changing the meaning of said words...

After a wonderful evening we all made our way home to our humble abodes, dreaming of places far away.